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In 1998, six distinct communities merged to form what today is officially the city of Toronto, Canada's largest super city. The communities included East York, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, and the original city of York, as well as downtown Toronto. York is located in the central west part of the large city, with no parts bordering on Lake Ontario.

York is actually the original settlement within this area; but to the North, East and South development took place at a much more rapid rate, largely due to the convenient locations closer to other urban centres and waterways. These areas are continuing to improve today, with the addition of more Scarborough condos and Ajax real estate, to name a few. Today, York has the second smallest population number of the six districts that were part of the amalgamation, although it is one of the most ethnically diverse of the communities.

One of the reasons why York continues to be a lucrative area for Toronto estate agents is the presence of York University, located in the heart of the community. It has a great reputation as one of Canada's top providers of upper education, and really represents the pulse of the neighbourhood.

Because of its independent development, the York area has a number of different housing styles on display. Condo developments, particularly ones to rival the towering beauty of Yorkville condos, are not very common, although the community is home to several areas that include apartment buildings and newer, mid-level condominium complexes. As with many of the amalgamated communities in what is now Toronto, York's main housing options are single stand-alone detached dwellings located along the streets of the community.

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