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It's no big secret that government jobs get the best benefits. Many job seekers would rather do manure handling for the government than a better job at a private firm because of the vacation days and medical benefits. If you're a resident of Toronto, you're lucky enough to have many federal, provincial, and municipal offices nearby where you can apply for jobs. For this article, we'll focus on jobs with the City of Toronto: what kind of jobs there are, how to apply, and why you would want to work there.

The types of jobs you will find under the City of Toronto umbrella are many and varied. There is of course the traditional office and administrative work that needs to be done in city council offices. There's also the more hands-on employees from the public works department that handle things like valve repair and road work. And then you've got the many specialty careers such as animal control, law enforcement, and fire fighting as well as the summer positions for young people in department such as recreation and clean up.

To find out what positions the city is currently hiring for, visit the Toronto's official website at and click through to current opportunities under the careers tab. This is a job posting board that displays all the opportunities with the city, from hydro excavation tenders to part time litter pick up. Each job has a file number that you must quote if you are to apply, and a date after which they will no longer be accepting applications. Check the site at least once a day for new postings.

To apply for a job with the city you must do so in the manner they specify in the ad. For most jobs, this means sending in a resume and cover letter. However, not just any resume will do. Your resume must be either digital or scannable so that they can compile a database of applicants. The easiest way is to upload your materials online through the website, but if you've eschewed automatic waterers and the internet, you can also send paper copies as long as they conform to Resumatrix rules. The city will only accept resumes for open jobs.

Because the city of Toronto is committed to having a diverse workforce, those applicants who are women, Aboriginals, disabled, or members of another visible minority stand a better chance of getting a job, so if you belong to one of these categories be sure to mention it in your boiler water treatment chemical handler application. If you're applying for a job and need special accommodation (for instance, a sign language interpreter for your interview) the city will provide it for you.

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