Winter Activities

People living in Canada basically have two choices when it comes to wintertime. They can either sit around for five months waiting for warmer days to come when they can escape to a Haliburton cottage, or they can make the most out of what Jack Frost has to offer. For decades, Canadian innovation has helped to make winter months more fun for residents on Vancouver to Mississauga real estate, and a lot of these innovations spring from places like Toronto. If you don't want to waste five months of your life waiting for winter to end, here are some activities you might enjoy.

    Hockey: Hockey is the ultimate tribute to winter. If it wasn't for the cold weather in many parts of the world, the favourite sport of many Canadians would never have developed. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy this fast paced sport. You can choose to watch the Leafs or any number of minor league teams play, or you can keep in shape by playing hockey yourself. There are lots of ice hockey camps and leagues for people of all ages, and playing is a great way to stay active during the cold months.

    Take care of seasonal hobby details. One thing that a lot of people don't realize is that wintertime is a great time to get ready for your favourite summer activities. A lot of us have hobbies that can only be pursued in warmer months, but that doesn't mean we have to neglect them from November to March. The winter months are a great time to put on a new sailboat keel, tie some new flies, or make an inventory of your garden tools. You will be ready to roll when the summer months hit, and it will give you something to do in winter.

    Romance! Being forced to spend time inside is never all bad. Winter is a great time to try out some new romantic moves on your spouse or partner; after all, you have twelve hours or more of darkness to work with! Rent a hotel and enlist the services of a nanny agency for the night. Or get out the scented candles, the Barry Manilow, and the electric blanket and see what the night brings.

Cold and snow does not mean that you have to remain inactive, or even indoors, all winter long. There are a lot of fun things to do in winter time and Toronto is the perfect place to be to put them into practice.

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