Townhouse Or Condo, in North York or Toronto, Near a Dentist, Home Fitness Center, or Homes for Sale in Mississauga,
The Choice is Yours

The choice between a townhouse or a condo is ultimately a personal one, yet there are many factors that everyone who is facing this decision should be aware of. Generally speaking, when you are purchasing any kind of real estate you want to make sure that you are going to be happy with your decision in the years to come, and buyers remorse can easily be avoided if you are fully informed before you buy. Whether you are looking at a Calgary condo or Toronto townhouses, read as much as you can on the subject and be as informed as possible.

The first major difference is the accessibility of outside space. Most townhouses have both a front and a back yard that is either separated from your neighbours by a fence or is just left open with no dividers between the different lots. This is a huge draw for some people, most often those coming from a detached family home who are used to having that outdoor space for the kids to play, for family barbecues, and maybe even a round of badminton or bocce ball. If having a yard is on the top of your list of priorities for your new home, make sure you let your Toronto real estate agent know so they can rule out any townhouses that do not have green space. Having a place to plant a few vegetables or flowers in the garden is not something that everyone is looking for however and for these folks, a condo might be a better choice.

Living in a condo does not mean that you have no outdoor space to play in, it simply means that you must share it with the other condo residents. Yet this also means that you are not responsible for any of the yard work that it takes to maintain an outdoor space. Many people choose to live in a condo for that reason alone: it means never having to mow the lawn, rake the leaves or shovel snow again! For many this is spells freedom and they make the move to a Toronto condo. Yet this is only one of the differences between condo and townhouse living.

There is also the square footage difference. Most townhouses are multi-level and usually have more than one bathroom, and a laundry room in the basement. For some, this is ideal, the kids can take over the basement as a playroom, or it could be transformed into a games room and den for those boys weekends. Having more than one floor also makes it a bit tougher to clean, since you will have to lug the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. Yet for larger families townhouses are perfect, since everyone can disperse throughout the three (or more) floors and have their own space. In a condo, there are not stairs to worry about, which is ideal for elderly people, yet the rooms are only separated by walls, and it is harder to 'get away' from the kids! Some condos, like the ones at 20 Gothic for instance are rather large and are equal to the square footage of a town home, yet this varies with each building and unit.

A great idea is to attend open houses and showings of both townhouses and condos through your Toronto Beaches real estate agent who has access to all of the homes for sale. Taking a look at the various layouts and designs of condos and townhouses will give you a better idea of what you will have to look forward to when you make the move.

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