The Beaches and Riverdale Toronto Real Estate

If you are the kind of person who likes the idea of living in the city without really feeling like you are in the city, then the Beaches area of Toronto might be the perfect place to start looking for a home. Toronto beaches homes are among the most sought after in the city, in large part because once you cross Coxwell you have the feeling that you have left the city behind. Although the Toronto beaches real estate includes many of the styles of homes you will find elsewhere in the city (from stand alone homes to Toronto beaches condo complexes) the fact is that there is a relaxed, original feel to this neighbourhood that simply is not duplicated anywhere else.

A big part of the feel of the Beaches district is shaped, of course, by the proximity of the area to the shores of Lake Ontario. The entire region stretches along the coast, so that at all times one is within a quick walk to the length of sandy shore that gives the neighbourhood its name (although it is actually one continuous beach, there are four names applied to each section in order to give the area a bit more clarity). A boardwalk stretches all along the sandy waterfront, the perfect place for residents and tourists alike to take a stroll or jog at any time of day.

When it comes to shopping, the Beaches district again retains its individual identity that makes it stand apart from the rest of Toronto. There are very few large chain stores in this neighbourhood. Instead, boutiques and independent stores make up the bulk of both the retail and restaurant businesses located in the area, including some of the most unique and Bohemian-flavoured outlets to be found anywhere in the city.

In terms of residential real estate, the Beaches includes a diverse selection of homes so that there is something to suit the taste of most people. Medium and large Victorian and Edwardian houses, along with some of the most cutting edge new architectural designs, are the most prominent single-family dwellings in the area. You won't see many high-rise condominium complexes of the kind that are beginning to define the city skyline, but there are low-rise developments and row houses scattered about the region.

As you may expect, it is during the summer months that the Beaches district in Toronto really comes to life. Citizens of the city and tourists alike flock to the area to take advantage of all the recreational opportunities the locale affords, from sunbathing and volleyball to sailboating. It's during this time that the Beaches feel as though they are located within the limits of Canada's largest city, although even at its busiest, this neighbourhood still feels like a world apart!

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