The Annex

When it comes to some of the hippest neighbourhoods in the country, there are few that can truly rival the Annex, Toronto. Although the name may have some negative connotations (I don't know, but for me it kind of sounds like a hostile takeover) the fact is that the Annex neighbourhood became a willing part of Toronto more than a hundred years ago, when Seaton Village and Yorkville joined forces with one of Canada's fastest growing cities.

The Annex continued to grow with the city throughout the last century and more. Today in Toronto, Annex real estate is some of the most diverse around. There are beautiful single resident Victorian and Edwardian mansions, Korean and Hungarian inspired architecture from later on in the 20th century, and when it comes to an Annex Toronto condo, you have a pick of a number of different styles of building. High rises are increasing both in number and popularity, while many of the older homes and mansions have been renovated to accommodate multiple living spaces.

The reasons for the broad range of residents and architecture represented in the Annex neighbourhood are varied, but without one of the most important as far as diversity and the cutting edge atmosphere of this section of the city is its proximity to the University of Toronto campus. This means that students and faculty all find it easy to commute from school and back, as the neighbourhood is within easy walking distance and an even easier public transportation ride.

The student and staff population make this neighbourhood one of the trendiest in the city, and that extends right up to the culture of the area. The Toronto Australia New Zealand Club, the Bathurst Street Theatre and the Bloor Theatre are all located within the area. For those who love shopping and nightlife, the Annex has a lot to offer, again centering on the habits of the university body.

One very interesting thing about the Annex is that it is the most densely populated area of Toronto. Most of the time, that might be negative, but the demographic makeup of the Annex population means that this is one of the most peaceful neighbourhoods in the city.

If one were to point to a quieter area of the Annex, one where the University does not hold sway, it would be Seaton Village or the "West Annex". At the southern border of this area is the Koreatown shopping district, but otherwise the area is fairly uniform as far as typical Canadian neighbourhood architecture and lifestyle. This is the part of the neighbourhood where family dwellings can be found, although many of the houses continue to be popular with the student crowd.

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