Scarborough, King West, Mississuaga and St. Lawrence Market Condos that May Be Purchased From Licensed Real Estate Agents in Toronto

While today it is second in population to North York, those with a real estate license in Toronto might move their business to Scarborough as the district is said to be the fastest growing area in the city. In fact, if trends demonstrated in the last two censuses hold stead, Scarborough is predicted to be the area of Toronto with the highest population by the year 2010. This means that wise homebuyers are snatching up condos for sale in Scarborough now!

Scarborough makes up the eastern portion of the city of Toronto, having been amalgamated along with York, East York, Etobicoke and old Toronto in the provincial agreement of 1998. Until that time, Scarborough had been a city unto itself, but today it is under the administration of Toronto as a whole.

The fact that Scarborough was an independent city for most of its history means that it has had plenty of time to develop its own infrastructure and community feel, and this takes shape in a community with a diverse array of attractions, residential options, and neighbourhoods.

For example, the number one option, as far as Scarborough homes for sale, continues to be the single-detached dwellings that line the streets of the various Scarborough subdivisions. These houses have a vast range in price, much as one might expect in an area with a population over 600,000. Amalgamation with Toronto has meant that in the western parts of the district, a more urban feel is starting to make itself known; the number of new Scarborough condos are in development, along with the high-rise building structures favoured by today's businesses.

Perhaps one of the most notable and attractive features about Scarborough is the district's proximity to Lake Ontario. The area was named after the Scarborough bluffs, a unique geographic feature rising from the shores of the great lake. The beaches and parks along the waterway are dotted with small marinas, boating and other waterside activities among the most popular in this community.

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