If you are looking at a house for sale in Rosedale, Toronto, you had better make sure that your bank account is in order. This neighbourhood is one of the oldest in Toronto, and is also bar none the wealthiest in the city. It is known as the region where the city's "Old Money" lives, and the Rosedale Toronto real estate truly defines the idea of an estate; those that are built along these scenic city streets are proof enough that this is a location where the truly elite live.

Rosedale has always been exclusively a residential neighbourhood. There are no shops, no gas stations, and no other businesses to break up the scenic beauty of street after street of some of the most breathtaking houses to be found anywhere in the country. The physical make up of the area is in itself absolutely unique when it comes to big cities anywhere in Canada, and in Toronto in particular: it is located right in the heart of the city, but you would never know it from the amount of traffic that lines the streets of this exclusive neighbourhood. Winding roads and tree-lined streets mean that any traffic that runs along the neighbourhood routes is slow and virtually silent.

The scenery does not end along the streets. The entire Rosedale area has been built up along and among three ravines in the heart of the city, which have all been preserved as parkland. The value and beauty of this woodland just a few blocks over from the concrete jungle of downtown Toronto really cannot be overstated, it has to be seen to be believed.

As with many other neighbourhoods in the area, the residents of Rosedale, Toronto are quite proud of their region and celebrate its place in the culture of the city with a party each spring. This party is known as Mayfair, and features rides, games, and flea markets on the first Saturday of May in Rosedale Park.

Schools are always a critical part of a residential neighbourhood, so Rosedale does include some non-residential structures. Pre-eminent among the educational buildings within the Rosedale boundaries is Branksome Hall, a very exclusive school for young ladies only. At the centre of the community, the small elementary school, Rosedale Public is located just across from the community centre, Mooredale House.

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