As far as community spirit and effort are concerned, there can be no greater example than that found in the residents of Roncesvalles, Toronto. This historic village in Toronto was developed beginning at the turn of the century, and today contains the largest park in the city (High Park) as well as several different important historical buildings and downtown Toronto real estate.

Those historic buildings include the famous Colborne Lodge, formerly the private property of John Howard. Howard was one of the greatest architects in Toronto history and was also the person behind the creation of High Park, which along with Colborne Lodge he donated to the city that allowed him to create his fortune.

Other historic buildings in Roncesvalles include the Palais Royale and one of Canada's oldest movie houses, the Revue Cinema. The Revue was slated to be torn down in 2007, but through the rallying cry of a dedicated group of citizens it was saved and turned into a non-profit business.

The efforts of these same people have been turned to the modern day concern of New Condos Toronto. Roncesvalles has been slated by the city of Toronto for a major facelift and reconstruction project. Through the help of community organizations and the Roncesvalles business association, the city has created a plan guaranteed to continue the traditional warm and friendly environment that has made Roncesvalles so notable.

The new projects within the village are guaranteed to boost the reputation of local real estate listings. Toronto is home to several mosaic communities, and Roncesvalles large Polish population makes this neighbourhood no exception. A renewed look will focus further attention on the successful annual festivals held within the community and enjoyed by people all over Toronto.

In short, Roncesvalles is a great neighbourhood in Toronto to visit or to live. There is a close knit feel to the community that is hard to find these days, and a recognition of historical roots that manages to fit perfectly with modern development.

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