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People interested in looking at real estate in Toronto might be a bit baffled by the sheer number of purchasing opportunities available. One way to make the search a little more manageable is to break the search area down based on the neighbourhoods in the Toronto area. That way, you can get a good idea of just what types of Toronto homes are available within a smaller area.

Of course, many of the neighbourhoods in Toronto are large enough to be cities themselves, if you were anywhere else in Canada. This is certainly the case when it comes to Riverdale, Toronto. This is one of the largest neighbourhoods in the whole city, and includes a truly staggering array of real estate opportunities from apartments and row homes to stand-alone single-family dwellings, all within the Greater Toronto Area. One of the divisions of the Riverdale community that is a popular spot to look for many Toronto homebuyers is the Riverside area.

Riverside is located in the section of Riverdale known as South Riverdale. In comparison to some of the other communities in the area, Riverside is quite small. Still, as we shall see in the next paragraph, size does not mean that Riverside is not without several points of interest that may be appealing to potential residents. Overall, this area is known as a very mixed neighbourhood, in terms of both culture and income. So, if you like a residence with an eclectic mix of neighbours around you, it is worth a peak.

When it comes to standout features of the neighbourhood, Riverside has bragging rights both to great landmarks and some unique cultural waypoints. For starters, the New Broadview House Hotel stands at Broadview Avenue. Built in 1893, this roman-style building was for many decades the tallest in South Riverdale. Today, questions of renovation and purchase surround this historic building, which has been a part of the neighbourhood for so long.

Other landmarks within the Riverside community serve as testament to the multicultural aspect of the area's make up. Riverside includes East Chinatown, which of course means all of the flavour in both culture and architecture that these enclaves bring to cities all across Canada.

Riverside has also been noted for its concentration of schools, evidence of a younger population. Included in the school district are a couple of very original projects, such as the First Nations School of Toronto, which places a heavy emphasis on perpetuating the values and culture of the aboriginal peoples of the area, and the country's first public alternative school, SEED Alternative Secondary School.

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