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Queen West is a neighbourhood in downtown Toronto that today is defined by its presence at the heart of Canada's art and music culture. Queen West has largely been shaped both by Canada's most popular music video station, MuchMusic, and the vibrant edge that the students of the area bring. It includes most of the downtown core west of Yonge Street (although Queen West may also refer to the street of the same name).

As is the case with many of the older areas of Toronto, a rich history has meant that Queen West real estate has undergone many changes over the last century. Where small houses once stood, towering Queen West condos now sit against the skyline. While the area today is the home of many upper income families and professionals, there is still a diverse mix of real estate, including town homes, single-detached dwellings, and apartments.

By far the most common and affordable type of housing available in the Queen West District today is the modern condominium. A downtown Toronto condominium encapsulates cutting-edge modern living at its finest, and the Queen West area included some of the latest developments on the Toronto streets. Among the most popular in this artsy community are the loft conversions, ideal for artisans who need a lot of storage space along with a trendy home.

There are several Queen West homes that represent the history of the area, but these tend to be quite costly. For the most part, they have been refurbished in the wave of gentrification that hit the area almost two decades ago. The finest examples of these homes are the Victorian style standalone dwellings that stand in some of the areas planned communities. What were once the homes of poor people who sought those hiring foreign workers, Canada's home gems survived to be some of Toronto's prime real estate.

Living in the Queen West area of Toronto means having a home right in the cultural centre of Canada. Although all styles of homes are represented in the area, condominium life has proved to be the most popular.

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