Playter Estates

As you may have inferred from the name, Playter Estates is one Toronto real estate neighbourhood that does not have a broad range of residents, at least not economically speaking. The neighbourhood is typical of many of Toronto's wealthiest enclaves in that it was founded by the well-to-do and continues to cater to people in this category.

Playter Estates was originally developed by Captain George Playter, who arrived in Canada from Pennsylvania in the 1890s. As with many relocated Americans, Playter was a United Empire Loyalist who made his fortune serving the King of England through patronage. The neighbourhood itself began to form around the original mansion in 1912.

That year and the three decades after it would see most of the development that would shape Playter Estates into the neighbourhood as we see it today. In fact, many of the original Edwardian and Victorian single detached homes built on Playter Estates real estate still remain today, although of course most have had renovations done, so they might look as modern on the inside as a unit in Parc Nuvo.

These homes in central Toronto real estate tend to be quite large, running up to what most people would consider mansion dimensions. The prices of homes on the market typically start around $600,000, so the neighbourhood consists of mostly upper middle class and upper class residents, much like you'll see with a condo on Toronto's waterfront.

The residential parts of Playter Estate are set well apart from the commercial, with quiet tree-lined streets, parks, and schools lending a colonial country feel to the tightly packed homes. Most of the commercial activity undergone by Playter Estates residents (shopping, entertainment, and so on) takes place in the nearby Danforth District, which includes the length of Danforth Avenue. This community has a similar feel as you would get with buying Guelph real estate.

Many neighbourhoods throughout Toronto have retained the same 'feel' they had at the turn of the century, and Playter Estates is certainly no exception. The neighbourhood continues to house some of Toronto's wealthiest citizens in the most beautiful homes to be found in the city.

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