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The community of North York is one of the most recently created parts of what became the City of Toronto in the 1998 amalgamation initiative, and it is also the area with one of the largest populations. The 2006 census showed that North York contained just fewer than 630,000 residents, which was a big increase over the last census in 2001.

As you might guess, a population of that size means that this city-within-a-city offers ample opportunity for residents and tourists alike when it comes to major areas, such as the economy, recreation, and residences. Whether you're looking for a place to get your hair done or to work making heat resistant tape there's something for you here. In fact, North York, through much of its history, has been primarily a suburban neighbourhood, featuring different styles of neighbourhoods and different demographic populations, but with features that can be found in towns all over Canada; single-detached stand-alone dwellings rule neighbourhood streets, with a few high-rise apartments, row houses, and townhouses thrown in for good measure. From home listings in Mississauga to Oshawa real estate, one will not find a better selection of houses with such a close proximity to the downtown core.

The look of North York first began to change in the 1990s, when a concerted effort was made to match the appearance of the neighbourhood with that of downtown Toronto, located just a few blocks away. While the suburbs of North York still remain largely untouched by the "citification" efforts, the area known as central North York now strongly reflects the urban culture so predominant in downtown Toronto. Just look at the once small town of Ajax's real estate to see the change, and Richmond Hill dentists offices. An amazing condo for rent in Toronto could tower above the transportation arteries and office complexes, where some of the biggest names in business have their homes along Yonge, Finch, and Sheppard.

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