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The community of Etobicoke is a part of the larger metropolis of Toronto. With a population estimated to be in the vicinity of 340,000, Etobicoke is large enough to be considered a city in its own right. There are communities all over North American like this, from Vancouver to Arlington TX homes with hundreds of thousands of residents latching onto the metropolis lifestyle. Not surprisingly, this "neighbourhood" of Toronto has a number of neighbourhoods of its own; here is a breakdown of a few of them.

    The Kingsway: Located in the south central part of Etobicoke, the Kingsway looks more like Toronto than some of the outlying neighbourhoods. This affluent neighbourhood was designed to appeal to the upper class, and consists mainly of traditional arts-and-crafts-style homes built at the turn of last century. The whole neighbourhood was designed with two main concepts in mind: a love of English culture and the future of the automobile. If you're looking for something to counter the Toronto waterfront condominiums in price, this is the neighbourhood for you.

    Alderwood: This area, located in south western Etobicoke, is both industrial and residential. The real estate here includes, for the most part, single standalone houses from the mid-1940s.

    New Toronto: The neighbourhood of New Toronto is a lot like its namesake in several ways. It was designed as an industrial counterpart to the metropolis, and like Toronto, this area has gone through some redevelopment in the last few years. Industrial vacancies combined with a high population of senior citizens make this a perfect place to find condos in Etobicoke, if you don't want to live as far from the city as with a Mississauga condo.

    Thistletown: Thistletown, in northern Etobicoke, is an ethnically diverse neighbourhood located in what is widely known as Rexdale. Rexdale is another Etobicoke area in transition, with the city concentrating on improving the rundown appearance. It is a neighbourhood noted for poverty and crime, and contains high density apartments and single-storey development.

When it comes to homes for sale in Etobicoke, buyers have a full range of choices. Rexdale and neighbourhoods such as Thistletown have their issues, but do have a certain cross-cultural appeal and low prices. However, if secluded and upscale is what a buyer is looking for, The Kingsway and Markland Wood, among others, are great spots to look into.

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