Gerrard Street East (Little India)

If you are looking for a home for sale in Toronto that is close to as many opportunities that the city has to offer as possible, you might be interested in Gerrard Street East. Relatively speaking, this is one of Toronto's newer downtown neighbourhoods, and is also home to an eclectic mix of businesses, residential spaces, and entertainment opportunities, from restaurants to businesses that can help you with your research and development credit.

Two things make this region stand out. The first is the proximity of the neighbourhood to some of the city's finest and most notable medical facilities. Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai, the Hospital for Sick Children, Princess Margaret Hospital, and the Toronto Rehab Centre are all located within the borders of Gerrard Street East. All of these facilities are located on University Avenue. So if you need help from an injury sustained from working with fuse holders or need more long term care, it's right near by.

The second thing that sets this community apart is the presence of Little India. As you might guess, this area has proved attractive to many immigrants relocating to Toronto from southern Asia, including India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The result is one of the largest South Asian marketplaces anywhere in North America, with only the Punjabi Market on Main Street in Vancouver being larger. You can see businesses decorate with words in a variety of languages.

Gerrard Street East is also well known as a transitional neighbourhood. Located between the Danforth and Beaches real estate, the neighbourhood is popular with people who want to live near to both of these distinct downtown Toronto enclaves.

There are properties of all types to be found throughout the Gerrard Street East neighbourhood. High rise modern Toronto condominium buildings tower just blocks away from residential streets lined with smaller sized single-detached dwellings. If you're relocating from a Mississauga condo you may be shocked at all of the amenities that are at your doorstep. You will also find Victorian style and modern detached dwellings, suitable for housing large families.

Close to some of Toronto's most unique neighbourhoods and with a distinctive flavour all its own, Gerrard Street is a great place to look if you are interested in Toronto homes.

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