When it comes to some of the best values in Toronto, as far as homebuyers are concerned, Leslieville real estate is certainly worth a look. An up and coming neighbourhood, Leslieville is one of the many regions near the downtown core to be included in a massive rejuvenation effort by city government and developers over the last couple of decades. The entire Leslieville area has been the focus of some exciting new developments, from Eastern Avenue right up to the gorgeous and compelling sections of Ashbridge's Bay.

Longtime owners of Leslieville, Toronto homes remember this as a working class area, for the most part, a community that was built up around a budding industrial sector that at one time found itself the hub of some serious concerns as far as contamination and pollution. The issues came to a head at the turn of the millennium, which saw one of the main tanneries in the area go up in flames.

Since that time, the entire community of Leslieville has seen rejuvenation, from the zoning of the community, to the styles of housing, to the businesses that operate in the community. As a part of the much larger, and eclectic, community of South Riverdale, Leslieville is just starting to recognize its potential in terms of development. In fact, a lot of people will say that Leslieville is getting back to its roots. At one time a picturesque village, a gentrification movement is now in process that is seeing some of Leslieville's most important sites refinished and made appealing once again, with new restaurants, shops and cafes opening to appeal to a new residential demographic. Many of the houses in the area are also seeing the benefits of the gentrification process, with Victorian facades being complemented by wrought iron fencing and gates and meticulous care paid to some of the most beautiful front lawns in the Toronto area.

One part of the Leslieville area that has always been beautiful is that surrounding Ashbridge's Bay. This site is home to the widest beach in Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario, and is also the location of the earliest residential site in eastern Ontario. The original estate home on Ashbridges Bay continues to stand, but today there is development occurring on this highly sought after piece of land, which bridges the gap between the communities of Leslieville and the Beaches in Toronto.

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