For those looking for an ideal family home within the city limits of Toronto, the community of Leaside may have just what you are looking for. The city has continued to expand and grow over the last decade, in fact real estate sales have continued to climb higher with each passing year. This has meant that Leaside real estate has been thrust into the spotlight, as far as family dwellings go. The neighbourhood is located in close proximity to all that Toronto has to offer, but without a lot of the noise and the hustle that real city living can sometimes entail. When it comes to Leaside homes, for sale signs don't last long!

Part of the reason for the popularity of housing in this area is the neighbourhood's origins as a planned community. Back when the plot of land that today is known as Leaside was first being developed, the businessmen involved wanted to create an alternative to the upscale Rosedale neighbourhood in another part of Toronto. Therefore, they planned a community with specific zoning for areas of industry, residence, and commercial activity. While the plan did have some setbacks (most notably that at first it had to be incorporated as a town unto itself rather than a neighbourhood of Toronto), the developers eventually saw their plan come together and the neighbourhood of Leaside come to fulfillment.

Today, the planned aspect of the Leaside neighbourhood is still quite apparent. The area is home to families primarily in the upper middle class demographic. This should come as no surprise, given that the primary developments within the Leaside community have been single family homes, in contrast to the popularity of the row houses and high-rise condo complexes that have begun to characterize so many other districts within the Greater Toronto Area.

While Leaside has lost the industrial angle that was to be the spine of the community at its outset, there are nevertheless numerous and diverse economic activities at work within the area. The largest employer today is the school district, with Leaside including two public middle and elementary schools, one high school and a private Catholic school.

Families thinking about moving into the Leaside area are usually also attracted by the recreational opportunities. The Leaside Memorial Community Gardens is the largest recreational centre in the town, and the facilities include an ice and a curling rink, as well as an indoor swimming pool. Three parks round out the recreational appeal of this green community within the heart of the GTA.

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