King West

The neighbourhood of King West in downtown Toronto is the ideal place for the young urban professional to find a home. King West includes the Financial District, and in Toronto that means the place where the economic pulse of the country can be felt. Due to the nature of the district, many residents prefer the proximity and amenities that living in the area can afford, as opposed to a commute from one of the outlying areas, which can take hours on some days.

As you might expect in a neighbourhood in the downtown Toronto area, the main real estate options in the King West district are high-rise condos, full of people who have families and those that enjoy Toronto nightlife listening to live hardcore punk. Downtown Toronto is famous all over the country, and indeed all over North America, for the ultramodern spin that many of its high-rises give to urban living. The King West area includes some of the highest residential buildings to be found anywhere in the country, the perfect place to find a home for those who love the idea of living large.

The condo market in Toronto, including King West, offers a variety of home options. As is true of other areas in the midst of the city, King West condos and lofts have seen an increase in popularity over the last couple of decades. Once solely the residential choice for the up and coming artisan, lofts have now become a bit of an urban trend, popular among many different cross sections of culture.

If a King West condo is not for you, finding a single-detached home in this area will probably be tough, being that the few choices available are generally extremely high in price. However, the townhomes that frequently form a part of large modern condo complexes offer an affordable alternative, and they are usually located within a broader and convenient community.

When it comes to Harbourfront condos, there is no neighbourhood quite like King West.

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