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If you're thinking of making your home in Toronto after graduation, perhaps working for a company like Search Engine Optimization Toronto, then you should consider doing your studies in Toronto as well so you can start building local contacts in your field. There are dozens of colleges and universities in the Greater Toronto Area to choose from. One of them is Humber College. It's not the largest school (that title goes to the University of Toronto) but it has some unique programs you might be interested in. Learn more about Humber College here.

Humber College is not a university, though it does offer some bachelor's degree programs in fields like business and applied arts. It's a polytechnic college where the programs are of varying length and consist of diplomas, certificates, and apprenticeships. It's relatively new compared to Canadian trade mark firms and other universities, having only been founded in 1965, but it is already the largest community college in Canada. There are over 20,000 people attending full time and more than twice this number who do part time or distance studies.

There are four campus locations. Which one you choose to attend will depend on where in the Greater Toronto Area you live and which program you choose, as the labs for studies on check valves and such are expensive and won't be replicated across all four locations. The locations are North, which is in Etobicoke and has an arboretum, Guelph, which is a partnership with the University of Guelph, Lakeshore, which is housed in an insane asylum in Mimoco, and Orangeville, which is the smallest.

Humber College is known for attracting talented students to its programs, some of which are uncommon in Canada. If you want to be an architect in Canada, there are a large number of schools you can attend. But if you want to be an urban ecologist or a digital broadcaster, your options are more limited. Some of the programs you have to choose from if you attend Humber College are 3D animation, creative advertising, film production, e-business marketing, broadcast television, sustainable energy, comic scriptwriting, and tree care.

Though athletics isn't one of the school's mandates (it's more about building careers based around operating a drive pulley and such), you can play for the Humber Hawks while you're there. They have varsity programs for men and women in basketball, soccer, rugby, and volleyball as well as co-ed programs in badminton, golf, and cross country running. They have a dance team and a cheerleading squad and a full range of intramural sports where students and faculty can play without all the pressure. Intramural sports include ice hockey and soccer. There are even co-ed extramurals (non varsity inter-school competitions) in fun sports like ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, and cricket.

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