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So, you've closed up your Haliburton cottage for another winter. Canadian winters have a worldwide reputation. They are cold, they are full of snow, and they are very long. Central Canada is probably one of the best places to look if you are interested in what a typical Canadian winter entails, and that area includes Toronto. Before the snow starts to fly (in mid November or so), everyone living in Toronto should have a few basic things out of the way as far as home winter preparation are concerned.

    Check your furnace! The most important thing for any homeowner is to make sure that your house stays warm when the temperature starts to drop. It can really drop, so this point can't be emphasized enough. First, make sure your furnace makes no unusual sounds by turning it up high. Check the filter to make sure it does not need to be changed. If there is anything unusual, call in a professional to take a look.

    Check your hot water heater. Another important winter survival tool in Toronto is your hot water heater. Most household systems include a water tank, which needs a little bit of maintenance each year. If you have the money to do so, however, it might be best to opt for an instant water heater. These wall mounted heaters are much less likely to blow up and take up a lot less space. They are also less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

    Check other heat sensitive systems. Once in a while, we can forget that there are a few heat sensitive environments in our houses which we ourselves create. Fish lovers should check the positioning of their aquariums before the subzero weather hits. Positioning your fish by the window is nice in summertime, but in the winter it will have your aquarium heaters working overtime and that means they might not last as long as they should. You don't want aquarium decorations with ice on them come morning!

Winters in Toronto are not for the faint of heart, even in our modern convenient world. Everyone needs to take a few steps to make sure that their homes are ready for the cold months.

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