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Those looking for the ultimate up-tempo life in the Toronto area might want to consider what the Harbourfront area has to offer. As the city's original rehabilitation project, the Harbourfront district is home to some of the most cutting edge condominiums in Toronto, the perfect place to start looking for the ideal Toronto condo or downtown Toronto loft. Let's take a look at just how unique a place this area holds when it comes to the landscape and the history of the city.

Just three short decades ago, Toronto was a very different looking place. The skyline, so familiar to people all over the country, had its share of high-rise buildings, but for the most part these were commercial and not residential in nature. The areas around Lake Ontario were largely being used for industry; shipping by this famous waterway was quick and convenient, and having factories and other production facilities located right on the water was an immense cost saver.

However, the growth of new industries and new transport methods meant that industrial areas, such as those conducted along the harbour front area in downtown Toronto, were becoming vacant and run down. In the mean time, urban sprawl was becoming a major issue, one that was noticed by the federal government. In the 1970s, the government introduced a plan to rejuvenate the Harbourfront area into a cultural and residential hub, making it one of the first rehabilitation projects in Canada.

The program put forward by the Parliament Hill was a huge success, and over the past three decades the face of the Harbourfront region has entirely changed. The government's plan to develop parks, along with cultural and recreation facilities was soon followed up by private developers who saw the potential for residential growth along the perimeters of the project.

That growth took shape as both reconstruction and revision. Many of the older factories and warehouses along the edges of the Harbourfront project were torn down, with incredible new condominiums in Toronto taking their place, which continue to be some of the most defining pieces of architecture in the city. In other locations, the same types of structures were converted to multiple resident complexes, which included the new and innovative idea of the loft. This quickly caught on with artists, who were making the rejuvenated Harbourfront their base of operations.

Today, Toronto's Harbourfront continues to develop, and has become a vibrant and diverse community. Parks, marinas, community centres and shopping opportunities are mixed with developments built with an eye to cutting edge architecture. The neighbourhood is one of the most popular, with urban inclined residents, looking to purchase a home in a unique part of the city and taking advantage of everything that the metropolis has to offer.

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