While it may not have the same ultramodern feel as a building on Bay Street holding the top commercial mortgage company, there might not be a neighbourhood as vibrant anywhere in Toronto as the area known as Greektown. Obviously, one can infer from the name that this neighbourhood has a significant place in the cultural mosaic of Canada's largest city. Located in central Toronto, real estate in Greektown runs a gamut of business and residential styles, from apartments to condo buildings to the ever popular (but increasingly expensive) stand along houses along the residential streets.

Greektown has long been associated with Danforth, Toronto's most colourful street in terms of culture. This street is the home of the famous festival known as Taste of the Danforth. Started in 1994, this festival was meant to showcase the many different restaurants and amenities which this neighbourhood provides. The original festival brought in 5,000 people, but the event has exploded in popularity over the last decade. The latest Taste recorded over a million visitors, and Greek food is no longer the only taste in town (although it remains a central point of the festival).

Moreover, the Taste of the Danforth festival has expanded beyond its original purpose of increasing visits into the businesses of Greektown. Today, it provides entertainment for many Toronto area families. It also allows visitors and residents alike the chance to take a look at Danforth Toronto homes; the popularity of the festival and the attention of the BIA have combined to create a gentrification of the entire neighbourhood. As a result, business and home sales have been booming in the area for some time.

If you like a neighbourhood that is rich in history and takes pride in its defining characteristics, then Greektown in Toronto is a great place to visit. It is a warm and vibrant community, with a distinctly ethnic flavour and a very up and coming "taste" to the entire neighbourhood.

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