First Winter in Toronto

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There is a perception of Canada out there that paints the country as one of the less pleasant places to be when winter strikes, at least for those who don't enjoy the cold and snow. While Canada is in fact a warmer place than many people to the south believe, winters do tend to be as cold as legend tells. This is particularly true in central Canada, including Toronto, where most of the popular images of Canada come from. January in backyard of London to Mississauga real estate are usually covered in snow and ice.

If you are new to Toronto, you might not really be prepared for what winter really means here. What we want to do with our next few articles is get some information out there that can help the person experiencing their first Toronto winter to survive, and even have a good time. We are going to do this through an article series which will include tips that can help you prepare your home for winter, find fun activities to do in winter, and so on.

We realize that for some people, the best way to get through a first winter in Toronto is to lock the house down and take off to a nice condo in Troncones, Mexico, or somewhere equally warm. For the vast majority of us, though, Toronto winter is something that must be faced each year, just waiting to get back to a summer escape to a cottage on the Kawarthas, perhaps. While the weather outside might be frightful on some days, the fact is that winters in Toronto can be a lot of fun as well, one just needs to know where to look for it. The purpose of one of the articles in this series will be to help you do just that.

Of course, no winter is fun if the cold wreaks havoc on your home, so we also have a couple articles that can be of assistance to those getting ready for winter or those who have to move in winter time. In both cases, preparation can make a big difference in both money and equilibrium, and the information we provide will help you prepare adequately.

So, unless you are planning on heading to a cozy Puerto Vallarta villa for the five or so months that make up the Canadian winter, we suggest taking a look at our winter in Toronto series. It will help you not only to survive, but hopefully to thrive in the long Canadian winter.

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