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Along with East York and several other standalone communities, the city of Etobicoke was part of the Toronto amalgamation that took place in 1998 and created what today is known as a "super city". Etobicoke has the greatest land area of all of the Toronto boroughs, but also has the lowest number of people, and that means that the population density is the lowest to be found anywhere in the city. This is great for people who want space close to that of Ajax real estate but the amenities of a Bay Street condo.

The name Etobicoke actually comes from a phrase used by the Mississauga First Nations to describe the area between the Humber River and the creek, and it means place where the wild alders grow. The low population density has meant that there are still several areas in Etobicoke where one can find wild alders, most notably within the parks that dot the area such as James Gardens and Humber Bay Park. Both areas are popular year round, with James Gardens holding several festivals to celebrate the various bloomings of the seasonal flowers throughout the park (it also includes streams and waterfalls).

A long history of development means that, as far as real estate goes, Etobicoke includes all different kinds. Some areas, formerly industrial and making thinks like tamper evident bands, are being developed into Etobicoke condos and apartment buildings, but the main form of housing continues to be the single-family detached home.

Within Etobicoke, there is a broad range of demographics, from working class to the affluent, as one might expect in a neighbourhood of some 350,000 people. This means that there is something in Etobicoke for everyone, and with several golf courses, cafes, county clubs, and restaurants there is enough to do here for even the busiest of individuals.

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