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Up until 1998, East York had the distinction of being the only borough in Canada. That year, however, saw the community, along with several others, become part of an amalgamation process that created the super city of Toronto. When it comes to population size, the East York area could well have been a city on its own anywhere else in Canada; the 2006 census shows the population of the area at well over 110,000.

The community of East York is easily one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods in all of Canada, with a population that consists of almost 50% of citizens arriving from other countries at some point in their lives. This has definitely influenced the flavour of the entire neighbourhood, which includes many different culturally based community groups, celebrations, and restaurants. This means that you don't need to go as far out as Whitby real estate to find a sense of community while working for Pest Control GTA.

Although the area is densely populated, it is worth noting that the neighbourhood of East York can boast a very low crime rate, according to a recent study conducted by newspaper The Globe and Mail. The densest population can be found around the Thorncliffe Park and Crescent Town areas of the neighbourhood, where high-rise apartment buildings are some of the main features for real estate agents in this Toronto area.

On the other streets of East York, you will find a lot of different housing styles reflecting the periods in which the streets were developed. The low density residential parts of East York were built up from 1890 to the 1960s, so there are quite a few different styles on display. Most of them are two or one and a half storey detached or semi-detached homes. The area also includes several bungalows and a handful of newer, custom built homes. If you like the style of Mississauga homes for sale but want to live downtown, East York might be for you. There are few districts where real estate agents in Canada will find more variety of product.

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