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Perhaps it should come as no surprise to anyone in Canada that one of the most renowned districts in the country's largest city has its roots in the alcoholic beverage industry. The Distillery District in downtown Toronto was originally developed by Gooderham and Worts, which made some of the world's most popular whisky.

Today, the district still retains the memory of that time in its name, but the only alcohol producing business of any kind is the Mill Street Brewery. The rest of the neighbourhood is dominated by independently owned businesses and stores, where you can get everything from baked goods to Blackberry pouches.

In fact, the redevelopment of the Distillery District specifically geared the neighbourhood towards those who are interested in the arts. Those who create artistic works and those who enjoy perusing them are both sure to find what interests them in the district, as there are many studios and independent galleries open throughout. It's a nice place for a stroll through Toronto real estate, whether you have a large art budget from precious metal funds or are a starving artist just out of school.

As for residential development, the distillery is largely defined by Toronto condos and loft style apartments, complete with the most chique accessories and modern bathroom vanity. Many of the lofts are rented out to local artists, who both live and work in these spacious units. The largest condo developments were built in the early 1990s, both on the very borders of the Distillery District.

Experts from real estate developers to commercial mortgage lenders expect that the central Toronto real estate opportunities of the Distillery District will go up in the next few years. There are several reasons for this:

First, the Distillery is becoming increasingly popular. Everyone seems to love the new face of the neighbourhood as an arts focused small community. Incidentally, that includes the film industry; over 800 productions have been shot in the district over the last decade or so.

The distillery is also surrounded by a lot of vacant land. In Toronto nothing is rarer, and you can bet that the land will soon be developed by some of the top Toronto condo contractors.

A historic neighbourhood with an avant-garde feel, the Distillery District is perfect for those who like to combine their art and their work. It's worth checking out frequently, as there are sure to be new developments popping up in the near future and could be perfect for older couples to people shopping for their first baby feeding set.

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