Green Living Products From Cloth Diapers to Aquarium Test Kits For Your Royal Lepage Toronto Home

As we mentioned in our introductory article of this series, living green means paying a bit more attention to actions that you take every day. We talked about cutting down on the amount you drive, but individuals can also hold big corporations accountable for their impact on the environment.

You might think that as one person you can do little to encourage big companies to embrace green products, but in fact individuals acting together is the greatest force for change and is something that companies will have to respond to. All you have to do is make sure that you are paying attention to the products that you are buying.

You can apply this strategy to everything from the paper you put in your computer printer to your baby's diapers. Environmentally friendly products almost always carry some sort of symbol marking them as such; paper might be made from recycled materials, packaging might state that that is, in fact, an organic cloth diaper cover. Think of it as you would food labels, only the diet is meant to cut down on our environmental foot print instead of waistlines. Pay attention to labels on everything from ladies' casual clothing to scented candles and you have taken an important first step!

The most obvious labels, of course, are those that state that the product you are buying uses recycled materials or can be used repeatedly. There are other factors that play into green products as well. For example, when you go out to buy the latest fashion handbags, you probably won't be too worried about the materials used, at least not from an environmental standpoint. However, you need to remember that the products that go into the handbag will still end up back in the environment at one point, whether we are talking buttons, fabric, or glue. Take the time to see what that handbag is made of and if the processes used to manufacture it were environmentally friendly. This is true of aquarium test kits to furniture in your Fenelon Falls cottage, for example.

We all need to do our part to ensure the future of the planet, and paying attention to what goes into the products you buy is an important start.

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