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When it comes to places to live, the city of Scarborough in Ontario has a lot to recommend it. With a population of over 600,000 people it can be considered a Canadian metropolis, and that means diverse economic activities, as well as a lot of recreational ones. It also means some of the most cutting edge residential opportunities; condos for sale in Scarborough are ranked among the most modern designs in the country.

One of the most surprising things about Scarborough, especially given the urban nature of the city, it the fact that it is known as the greenest and leafiest part of Toronto. In fact, the topography of the area is some of the most unusual to be found in southern Ontario; one of the most notable marks of this elevation is the impressive Scarborough Bluffs.

The Scarborough bluffs run along the shoreline of Ontario, starting at Victoria Park Avenue and going for fourteen kilometres to the mouth of Highland Creek. In some places, the bluffs rise up over 210 feet (reference that to a modern condominium development: the bluffs are an impressive seventeen storeys high).

The bluffs command an impressive view of Lake Ontario, so it is no wonder that they were considered prime real estate in Scarborough. However, the cottages that were built on the bluffs have hastened their erosion over the last half-century, so that development has ceased. Erosion still continues at an alarming rate, though, and both the homes that were built on the bluffs and the park located near to them are threatened.

People interested in Scarborough homes can still buy close to the bluffs, and that means plenty of open spaces to exercise and picnic. Odds are that you will find, as the wife of the founder of the city of Scarborough did, that the bluffs are an irresistible temptation as far as settlement.

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