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If you live in a part of Canada that is outside of the city of Toronto, it is likely that you have more than a little resentment towards the amount of attention the city gets. Tune into The Sports Network on any given night during the hockey season, and you are likely to see all of the news pertaining to the Leafs (even if they didn't play that night) before your get to see the highlights of any games that the Senators, Canucks, Oilers, Canadiens or Flames have played on that same night.

The fact of the matter is, Toronto receives a lot of attention in Canada because it is the biggest, hippest city in the country, a title it has held for more than two decades, since it overtook Montreal. Home to almost three million people, the city is a global powerhouse in the areas of business, particularly in finance, and this means that the economy is big, vibrant, and diversified; there are jobs here for anyone who is looking.

The economy is truly what drives the machine that Toronto has become. The expansion of the city has come as a way of meeting the many needs of the thousands who migrate to the area for work and business opportunities every year. The growth has meant that Toronto is gaining a global reputation as a great place to live, and has consistently been ranked in the top of the world's most liveable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Take in a hockey or a baseball game, play the Canadian stock exchange, shop at some of the biggest stores and get your teeth whitened at Toronto Downtown Dentists, all in this pristine metropolis.

Of course, the size of both the city and the population mean that Toronto has vast opportunities when it comes to real estate. College Park Residences can tell you that whether you prefer the urban lifestyle or a more laid back, rural setting, Toronto neighbourhoods have what you are looking for. Buy a condominium within sight of the events of the Toronto International Film Festival in Yorkville, or a loft suite that overlooks the former Skydome (now Rogers Centre) and the shores of Lake Ontario in the historic Harbourfront area. Or if you prefer a luxurious home within the city but sheltered from all the bustle of traffic, you might want to check out the cream of the real estate crop, as far as personal dwellings go, in the "old money" neighbourhood of Rosedale.

It's the unique flavour of the city's neighbourhoods that really define the opportunities open to the individual Toronto homeowner. On this site, we talk about some of the main residential neighbourhoods that make up this mega city, from the condo living of the original downtown Toronto, to the world apart of the Beaches area, to the suburban feel of divisions such as Etobicoke.

Most of the larger neighbourhoods in Toronto, such as North York and Riverdale, have such big areas that they encompass dozens of different types of housing, some with graffiti Toronto covered walls, others without. Again, this is ideal for people who work in businesses where they might start out as young urban professionals and climb the corporate ladder while starting families, finally retiring at the pinnacle of a career. This type of change in employment will be followed by changes in residences, but that doesn't mean you have to move too far away from your original stomping grounds; as we mentioned above, some of Toronto's most secluded neighbourhoods are well within reach of the skyscraper studded cityscape of downtown Toronto.

Many people like the idea of combining an urban lifestyle with all the benefits of beach living, and there are several areas in Toronto that make this combination a distinct possibility. Both Harbourfront and the Beaches districts have been built up along the shores of Lake Ontario, and all the houses in these areas are within a quick walk to the beach or a short public transport ride to downtown. Scarborough is also located quite close to the shore, and has some of the most popular beach front recreation routes around, from marinas to jogging and cycling paths.

For some, the lure of the city lights is the big attraction of Toronto living, and if you are in this category then you will definitely want to check out what areas such as the Annex and Yorkville have to offer.

Whatever your housing preferences, the city of Toronto has something for you, and on this website we will provide a guide to help you reference just what the unique neighbourhoods that comprise the city are all about! Your next step will be to choose which Mortgage Agent Toronto you want to work with.

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